How to Make Money Online With No Money - 2 Top Tips

If you are wondering how to make money online with no money, you definitely are reading the right article. I will outline 2 ways that have worked for me personally.

1. Affiliate sales using free traffic generation techniques:

First of all you should conduct a search using a major search engine using a short 4-5 word phrase that you would have entered for purchasing a product that you are currently interested in. Add the word affiliate after at the end of phrase so that you will find sites that will allow you to promote this particular product for them for a small commission.

Now, do a search on the internet for sites that allow you to set-up a free blog without paying even one shiny red penny. Add about 5-10 posts to your blog explaining the benefits of the product that you are promoting. Make sure that you add your affiliate link 2-3 times within each article to enable people to click through to purchase the product.

Now set-up accounts on the free social networks and forums and write to others about the product that you are promoting. Ensure that you link back to your blog within the comments and posts. This will help to generate free traffic to your site.

2. Set-up a mini-site using a free service:

Do a search online for websites that have free website building properties for you to use and that will allow you to create a site of your own on their domain.

Again, write 5-10 articles within your newly created site and always include lots of links to your affiliate links. Plus, try to add messages on blogs and forums stressing why people should be visiting your new website in order to generate some free traffic to it.

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