What is e-filing?

How to complete and complete the details of each section in the LHDN BE form. A complete guide to income tax e-Filing.

e-filing is a way for you to report or send an Income Tax Return Form online without having to attend any LHDN office.

Easy, fast, not crowded and you can do it whenever you want.

In addition you can also see the guidelines issued by the LHDN itself (I believe this tutorial is easier to understand).

For Who This Guide?
This guide is typical for you who:

  • Is a Malaysian - Resident Individual
  • Work (wage) with the government and the private sector
  • Paying taxes - Reduced from monthly salary
  • Do not have other sources of income (or do not 'report') such as business, investment and others

In other words, if you want to charge an e-BE form in an LHDN system called e-Filing or ezHASiL this guide is for you.

Documents to be provided
What do you need to have or prepare before starting filling out an e-Filing form?

Please make sure the information listed in the following sections is available and available to you before you start filling out because the e-filing system has an inactive time limit.

If this time limit warning comes out the data you have entered will be lost and you will have to recharge it from the beginning.

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